Nesting turtles

Watching a turtle nest is a very special experience. There is something very ancient about turtles and their tranquility is awe-inspiring.

Imagine walking down a beach at night. All you hear is the gentle sound of the surf rolling in and the only light you see is that of the moon. The stars are out and everything is peaceful. There is nobody on the beach. In the distance you see a blurry black spot slowly coming out of the ocean. You cautiously walk closer and discover that it’s a turtle. Trying not to disturb her, you watch her from a distance. She is slowly crawling out of the ocean looking for a good nesting spot. The turtle occasionally stops to take a couple of breaths and look around. When she has found the perfect spot to nest she starts clearing the sand before slowly and diligently digging a nest with her back flippers. After a while she stops digging and remains still as she lays close to a hundred eggs in her nest. The air is still warm from the previous day and you sit discretely by the turtle as she continues to lay her eggs. After a while her nest is full of eggs and she conscientiously covers it up with sand. She then thrashes sand around to hide the exact location of the nest and starts her journey back to the sea. You watch her as she heads for the surf, enters the water, and disappears under the waves.

There is something both primeval and mystical about the entire process. I feel very privileged and humbled to be able to witness this night after night while I am here.


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