The hatchery

Turtle nests are sometimes relocated to the hatchery. The hatchery is a place where the eggs are kept safe from predators and where they can incubate naturally. It is a pretty unique place, in that when you are walking around the hatchery you know that there are literally thousands of turtle eggs developing into hatchlings just under your feet!

Each nest is carefully labelled and the due date is recorded. Several days before the nest is due to hatch a circular cage is placed atop the nest so that when the hatchlings emerge from the sand they do not scatter everywhere. During the night, a ranger will check the nests every hour so that he can immediately release any hatchling that emerge from the sand. The hatchlings are brought to the top of a beach and are released. They then reach the sea on their own.

Sleeping in the hatchery and releasing the hatchlings is something that I have not yet done. Hopefully I can do this before the end of my stay!

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