Adopt a turtle!

It is possible to adopt sea turtles at the SOS Tartarugas Conservation Centre. You can adopt individual hatchlings, entire nests, and adult nesters. Of course this is a symbolic adoption and you do not get to take the sea turtle home with you, but you would be surprised of how many times I have been asked things like: “What should I feed my baby sea turtle when I am back home?”

For example, if you adopt an adult nester, you can choose a name for your turtle and will receive a personalized Adoption Certificate. Your turtle will be tagged and you will receive her unique tag numbers. Every time your turtle comes ashore you will be informed by e-mail and will receive relevant information such as if she nested and how many eggs she laid!

If you are interested in adopting a sea turtle you can visit the SOS Tartarugas website. Adopting a sea turtle is a very nice gesture and can be a special present for a loved one! It is also a great way to show your support for the project and the conservation of loggerheads in Cape Verde.

Adopt a hatchling today!

Adopt a hatchling today!


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