About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Jacques-Olivier Laloë and I am currently an Associate Research Fellow at Deakin University, Australia. My main research interests are sea turtle ecology, climate change and conservation.

I started this blog in August 2014 when I traveled to the Cape Verde Islands to carry out field work for my PhD. Ever since, I have been writing about the latest news in the world of sea turtle biology and research. I hope you enjoy!

The Cape Verde Islands

The Cape Verde Islands

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well done, old friend!
    I wish you all the best on this next step and wish one day to meet again and tell our stories of our new slightly opposite life.
    Take care Jack & Congrats again.


  2. Hi Jacques-Olivier, congratulations for your blog is a great contribution on sea turtle conservation. i was searching about Turtles and tides and i stooped on your blog. Do you have any information on olive ridley ecology, population estimation and how to assess the status of sea turtle population?


    • Hi Paulo, glad you stumbled upon my blog. A good place to look for answers to your questions would be in James Spotila’s book “Sea Turtles: A Complete Guide to Their Biology, Behavior, and Conservation”. It is a great book and there is a very good chapter on the biology and ecology of olive ridleys. To understand how you can assess the status of sea turtle populations, I recommend the comprehensive “Assessment of Sea-Turtle Status and Trends: Integrating Demography and Abundance” published by The National Academies Press. Finally, a great place to find more information about sea turtles online is the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s website (www.conserveturtles.org). Hope this helps! J-O


  3. Nice blog Jacques 🙂

    So happy to see you are pursuing your passion. Interesting reads too on such fascinating creatures.

    Hope to see you soon


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